Students in Ft. Worth successfully protest removal of Rebel mascot at Richland Hills High School

Protester raises statement in Dallas, Texas

City Hall downtown Dallas

Taking it to the streets of Dallas

Protesters leading the charge for racial justice in Ft. Worth

Black Womens march againist violence

Dallas, Texas

FunkyTown Ft. Worth take to the streets

Cross-section of the Ft.Worth Community comes together for the cause

Protesting your knee never on my neck

Ft. Worth, Texas

7th Street Bridge Ft. Worth, Texas

All colors bleed red in downtown Dallas, Texas

Shutting it down in Ft.Worth,Texas

City Hall Dallas, Texas

"and a child shall lead us." Ft. Worth,TExas

Trump Rally Tulsa, OK

Juneteenth weekend in Tulsa, OK

Smells like Trump

Where Trump goes so goes the National Guard

Trump supporters in Tulsa, OK

Confrontation in Tulsa, OK

Tense situations where there's Trump

BLM protestor emphatically making her poing

On the streets of Tulsa

"Lets reason together in Tulsa."

BLM in the streets of Tulsa

Tulsa Standoff!

"Say their names."

Tulsa, OK

He lived in Tulsa, OK

BLM faceoff

Tulsa, OK

Talking it out in Tulsa, OK

BLM on steps of Kentucky capitol in Frankfort, KY

BLM on the capitol steps of Kentucky

Frankfort, KY

BLM from all across the state assembled on Kentucky capitol groungs

Breona supporters brings fight to the capitol

Burned out Wendy's where Brooks was slain by police in Atlanta

Atlanta spreading the message

BLM in Atlanta

On the streets of Atlanta

Starting 'em out early in Atlanta!

Rallying at Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed by police

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